PPC – Don’t read if you just need a PPC campaign, read on if you want it to get converted into SALES.

“Pay per clicks” are a great way to buy targeted traffic for your site or blog. PPC though not considered a standard SEO procedure, is often an indispensable part of SEO for some business types, especially e-commerce businesses.

The whole concept is to place advertisements with PPC engines who’ll place the ads on relevant websites, thereby attracting relevant traffic.

Now, that’s the theory you’ll get to see in SEO portals and news feeds from search engines. Ground truth is something different.

Research shows that 98% of all PPC advertisers do not get expected returns from PPC campaigns. That does not mean PPC campaigns in themselves are farce, the problem lies somewhere else.

Be it the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN etc. or the lesser known ones, user demographics are often misleading. The seemingly potential keywords are not always as good as they are perceived to be.

Right from webmasters to SEOs to content writers, everybody on the block uses keywords to see how the search engines perceive their work. This “work” could mean site optimization, content development or plain curiosity. Now, repeated searches with so called potential keywords manipulate the search engines to believe that they are indeed important and they regard such keywords in high esteem. In this whole phenomenon the actual BUYER or USER is nowhere present.

It’s been seen that real buyers often do not use the so called “potential” keywords when they want to buy something or are looking for information. That is where most PPC campaigns fail. 98% PPC advertisers bank upon the keywords with high perceived value by the search engines and end up wasting a lot of money.

What to do?

You cannot really change the way webmasters think, but you can try to step into the shoes of real flesh and blood buyers and think like them. The set of keywords you come up with in such a case would be widely different from the “high value keywords”.

Easier said than done! Yes, it’s very difficult to think like real buyers, unless you have access to real demographics which are very costly!

How can we help you?

We’ve been in the PPC business for over a decade now and have our own database of user demographics independent of SE bias.

We know PPC like the back of our hand and that is what saves you a lot of money ad time. Going by the conventional way, you’d have to spend a lot of time and money to see “SOME” results. But, with Dynamicinsite playing the game for you would have the results sooner, money efficient and more than satisfactory.

If you just need a PPC campaign, don’t talk to us, if you need a PPC campaign that’ll show REAL results, talk to us.

Contact us now to avail “post vacation reopening” discounts.

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