E-mail Marketing

Pack power into your e-mail marketing campaigns with the power of knowledge, power of user DYNAMICS and INSIGHT into the minds of real customers – mail it the dynamicinsite way!

Dynamicinsite e-mail marketing services is your one stop solution for all e-mail marketing needs.

We collect email addresses from users visiting your site or those mailing you on existing email addresses and create professional looking e-mail campaigns to help convert or retain customers. Our reporting tool measures results in real and lets you keep track of return on investment.

What’s New?

Well, not everybody on the block offers e-mail marketing services and even fewer actually guarantee results. We are different because we not only guarantee results but also offer a better product for those who want to take their enterprise to the next level.

We’ll find out potential customers, tell them about you and convert them into YOUR customers with guarantee!

We call it “sure success campaign”! Contact us now to see it work wonders for you!

Social Marketing

Did you ever try a social marketing campaign with another organization? Most people will tell you that social marketing is all about promoting your business on social networking sites, but did it ever occur to you, that most users on these sites are either trying to promote their own businesses or themselves. How would your campaign succeed in such a maze of campaigns? - There’s hardly any chance.

Social Marketing is not about promoting brands, but about promoting ideas and manipulating users to believe in those ideas. We at Dynamicinsite will identify the need of your customer and promote a concept good enough to woo away their worries. As a result of which the very concept would seem a sine-qua-non!

We have tremendous experience with Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, Digg, Stumble upon etc. and can take your enterprise to the next level with élan.

Contact us now, if you believe in what you just read!


A program or campaign either sets the cash registers rolling or bites dust – there’s nothing in between! Whatever the result it all depends on who’s the campaign targeted to. Dynamicinsite improves bottom line performance by analyzing user trends, search patterns, buying patterns and lot more.

Dynamicinsite will ensure better returns on investment, optimized advertisement spend and maximize overall promotional success through the BEST analytics in the industry.

Know what you’re missing and where you can score – Contact us now!

Open Source Solutions

Custom built solutions that fit your
needs and budget. Get more faster.

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