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Q: Do I own my Website?
A: A lot of companies out there offer free or low priced Website Design for a monthly fee. Did you know that with many of these companies you don’t actually own your Website? In other words, if you decide that you want to move your Website to a different hosting company, They won’t let you because you don’t actually own the site, they do.

These companies usually charge monthly fees of $50, $60 or even $100 or more for your monthly “hosting” fee even though you can get highly reliable hosting for as little as $4 per month.

Ultimately these “Free” or low priced Websites can cost you thousands of dollars over their lifetime. In just three years you could spend in excess of $5,000 for your “free” website.

At Dynamic Intel you own your Website outright and are free to do whatever you want with it whenever you want. We also offer affordable hosting for your Website with 99.9 percent uptime. We truly are a “1-Stop Shop for your Website design needs!
Q: Is My Website completely custom or do others have a similar site?
A: Templates VS Custom Design
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One of the most important laws of marketing is differentiation. In other words people remember and choose products and services that stand out. In today’s competitive world of Web design, many companies try to pass off cookie-cutter template Websites as custom Websites. These are pre-made Websites that are virtually identical. 

These companies will then change a few colors, add your text and leave you stuck with a Website that looks like thousands of other Websites. These Websites often end up looking like a “fly-by-night” company. 

At Dynamic Intel we offer a variety of packages for every budget including completely custom websites that are as unique as your business demands. 

With Dynamic Intel you will get a professional website that is designed around your unique needs and requests. We don’t start the design process until we have completed a thorough consultation to find out exactly what will work best for your unique situation. You can learn more about our packages here.
Q: How many pages are included in the price?
A: Many times the budget websites that you see advertised are nothing more than a single page or two slapped together with generic graphics. These low-end websites won’t give your business a professional appearance and will send your potential customers the wrong message. 

At Dynamic Intel you get 5-10 custom pages that we design for you (depending on your design package) included in the price. You can also add unlimited new pages in the future through our easy-to-use content management system at absolutely no charge. 

This gives you the freedom to engage your customers and provide them with enough information to present your business in the best possible light. You can learn more about our packages here.
Q: Does the price include a logo design?
A: Did you know that most Website design companies don’t include logo design in the price that they quote you? People often “sign on the dotted line” before they realize that they are going to have to shell out additional money for a logo! Logo design can cost hundreds or even thousands of additional dollars. 

Whether you need a new logo or you just need your old one updated we have a package for you. Our New Logo package offers 3 revisions and our Logo Update package includes 6 revisions. 

Our highly skilled Logo Artists have worked with all types of companies so you can be assured that we will create the right logo that fits your business.
Q: How many revisions do I get?
A: Do you want to get stuck with a Website that you don’t like? Of course you don’t. That is exactly what happens to many people when they find out that their Web Design Company has limits on the revisions they make. 

At Dynamic Intel, you will NEVER end up with a Website that you don’t like. You will completely understand exactly what your package provides upfront. Some revisions might lengthen the development time but we will let you know upfront. The bottom line is that the project isn’t finished until you are satisfied. Learn more about our packages here.
Q: Does the price include a shopping cart?
A: A lot of people plan on selling products on their Website only to find out that there is an additional charge to add a shopping cart program that allows people to make a purchase to their site! 

At Dynamic Intel, our E-Commerce package includes a shopping cart program that can handle unlimited products! We even load your products into the shopping cart (10-20 depending on your package)! If you need more added it’s not a problem. We can add as many additional products as you need for one remarkably low price.
Q: Will My Website Integrate With FedEx & UPS?
A: If you are planning on selling products on your Website you need to make sure that it works with the FedEx and UPS shipping modules. This allows you to give your customers the reliable shipping and delivery information that they have become accustomed to online from the major retailers. 

At Dynamic Intel, our E-Commerce package includes full integration with FedEx and UPS so that you can provide your customers with the most reliable delivery available. Learn more about our packages here.
Q: Can I manage the site even if I don’t know FTP, HTML or any programming?
A: Many people are shocked to find that after they have gone to the time and expense of having a Website created, they are given an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) account to manage the content of their site. This is great if you are an HTML guru or a programmer but for the average person this is highly confusing and frustrating at best. 

At Dynamic Intel we provide a simple straight-forward content management system that is web based so there is no software to install and any changes you make show up instantly. Our simple content management system allows you to manage your site even if you know absolutely nothing about managing Websites. This is included in every Website we design at no additional cost!
Q: Do you offer a lead generation system?
A: Successful websites become successful by building a relationship with their customers. One of the best ways to do this is by offering a free newsletter or a simple form that visitors can fill out to get additional information about your business. Many Web Design companies overlook this crucial element. 

At Dynamic Intel, our E-Commerce package includes a lead generation system that has a newsletter sign-up form and a customer contact form so that your visitors can easily request more information and subscribe to your newsletter or special bulletins. This allows you to start building a profitable list of potential buyers.
Q: How Long Does It Take?
A: Can a Web Design Company really create a custom site tailored to your specific business with a unique look and feel in a couple of hours or days? 

It’s VERY unlikely yet this is exactly what many companies promise. Sometimes they deliver, more often they don’t. If a company tells you that they can have your Website up and running in a couple of hours or days, you should regard this as a major red flag. True custom Web design takes time. 

At Dynamic Intel we start every project by performing a free in-depth consultation to find out exactly what your goals are and what you need in a Website. 

After we determine exactly what design would suit your business best, we develop a timeline to complete your project along with a guaranteed quote. You always know in advance what your project will cost. We don’t charge by the hour so if it takes more work than we expected, you will still pay the low price we quoted you. Basic websites take around two weeks to complete, most E-Commerce Websites are launched within 4 weeks from the time we begin. We also give you a launch date and we stick to it. 

No matter how big or small the project is, you will know in advance exactly how much it is going to cost you.

The job isn’t done until you are 100% satisfied so you will never have.
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